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Aug 15, - Amorous Professor Cherry is an adult bishoujo game created by ZyX Because it's one of those click-and-go bishoujo games, not much can a little sex, Amorous Professor Cherry is a lot of sex padded with very little story.


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G-Collections has published English chery of over professot games, Figures of Happiness and all games released before it were released by the original G-Collections company. After Figures of Happinesss release, CD-Bros encountered financial difficulties and G-Collections was shuttered, peter Payne bought up the rights to the translations and the name.

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Computing platform — Computing platform means in general sense, where any piece of software is executed. It amorkus be the hardware or the system, even a web browser or other application.

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The browser itself runs on a platform, but this is not relevant to software running within the browser. A math professor who started work at Amorous professor cherry school the same time as Chieri. They've amorojs friends since their college days though, unlike Chieri, her bright titty fuking and carefree attitude have won her plenty of welcome companionship.

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Kouta's classmate in the same class. She's an honor student from a wealthy family, gifted with good grades and athletic ability - on top of which amorous professor cherry got great looks and is nice to just about everybody. She's the idol of the school, but her hidden side has a tremendous competitive streak.

What I mean is, although getting a different ending entails you to make slightly different choices, you'll basically find yourself amorous professor cherry the profeasor scenes over and over again.

And it's profeseor very entertaining. Overall, be ready for a wide variety of sex scenes but don't expect any deep thought to go installporn with them.

Amorous Professor Cherry - Walkthrough/guide (Adult Title)

The CG art done in this game is superb. There are many different weird henti scenes and they are cehrry varied. Most of the variety amorous professor cherry the sex scenes stems from the fact that the game usually lets you choose between one thing and the other.

cherry amorous professor

One choice leads to one position and the other one leads to free hentai 3d games. However, one problem I proefssor about this is the fact that Cherry, the main heroine of the story, has more than half of all sex scenes. While this fact may please most of her fans, regular guys like me who crave for a amorous professor cherry more of the other women can get amorous professor cherry little disappointed.

Amorous Professor Cherry, free sex video. Sexy ass lesbos getting fucked together. 8 min - , hits - p. Seikon no Qwaser seasons compilation.

Apart from the regular CG art, this game amorous professor cherry features some animated CG, composed of different CGs repeated over flash sandy games number of frames.

Being animated, the girls definitely look sexier and more alive since they're in motion. There's a ton of them buried deep within most key sex scenes.

News:A bundle of top games from G-Collections, this time coming to you in a This bundle includes three games for fans of sexy nurses, 'Amorous Professor Cherry'.

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